NewOps Days - Boston

Monday, June 03, 2019

Jorn Knuttila

Field Sales Engineering and Evangelism,

Josh Atwell

Senior Technology advocate,

Michael Winslow

Director, Core Applications,

Catherine Rodriguez

Senior Engineer, Core Applications,

James Wickett

Sr. Security Engineer,

Tom McLaughlin


Doug Erkkila

Splunk Advisory Engineer,

Monday, June 3, 2019
9:30am - 10:00am
Registration and Networking Breakfast

10:00am - 10:10am
Welcome to NewOps Days!

10:10am - 10:50am
The New Ways of Chaos, Security, and DevOps by James Wickett - Sr. Security Eng, Verica

DevOps and the subsequent move bring security in under the umbrella of DevSecOps has created a new an ethos for security. This is good, however moving security and devops closer together in many organizations leaves us with questions of how this merge works in practice. What happens to security? To developers? And where does= chaos engineering fit in? This talk highlights security's place in DevOps and how topics ranging from empathy to chaos to system safety fit in organizations today. The hope is to uncover a new playbook for devs, ops, and security to work together.

10:50am - 11:30pm
Serverless DevOps: What do we do when the server goes away? by Tom McLaughlin of ServerlessOps

With the rise of serverless architecture, many of the common day-to-day operations tasks will change dramatically, if not disappear completely. We as operations professionals will be challenged to redefine our roles and responsibilities within the technology organization as serverless abstracts away the server and its respective OS to cloud service providers. In order to redefine our role, we must first understand how serverless adoption effects our organizations as well as understand the value of our work as seen by the eyes of our employers.

This is not a serverless tech talk! The talk focuses on understanding how technical change affects our role as operations engineers. We’re talking about how a tool like serverless will affect people and process in your organization. We cover these ideas through the shift to serverless but the themes and ideas are applicable even to those just making the leap from on-prem to public cloud.

This talk will cover:
  • What is this thing we call serverless?
  • The impact of its adoption by your organization on your operations role.
  • Engineering team realignment (how to get rid of your ops team but retain your ops people).
  • The new operations role and responsibilities.
  • Becoming more connected to the business needs of your organization.
  • Building products and not projects for your user.

The audience should come away with a better understanding of their value as operations engineers, how to demonstrate it, and how to respond to technical change in their organization as they see technology or their cloud provider assuming more of their role’s responsibilities.

Sponsor Panel

12:00pm - 1:00pm

1:00pm - 1:20pm
How to Be a Failure by Josh Atwell - Splunk

Failure is not always bad, it just feels bad. Failure is also typically the most powerful teacher, which sounds pretty positive. We all fail from time to time, so why is it that collectively we have a poor attitude about failure? Why do we attempt to hide our mistakes? Why is this even worse in IT and technology? Might we ALL learn more if we had a better attitude around failure?

In this talk I’ll share some of the psychological structures around failure and then provide ways that we can make failure a positive part of our professional and organizational development. We’ll explore the role failure has in increasing performance and achieving organizational goals. I will talk about how there is nothing wrong with being a failure; it’s more about how we all respond to our failures.

1:20pm - 1:40pm
Creating Capacity to Make Tomorrow Better Than Today (Regifting Toil for Fun and Profit) by Jorn Knuttila - Rundeck

Have you heard the SRE mantra, “Make tomorrow better than today” but then laughed, and went back to your real job? Have you just accepted that getting interrupted all the time by the same things is just part of the gig? Minimizing interruptions and escalations is the key to productivity for SREs and SysAdmins. Let's take a look at the automation and process improvements that high-performing organizations are using to reduce interruptions, reduce their dependency on ticket queues, and free up more of their operations teams' valuable time.

1:40pm - 2:00pm
DevOps Tooling and Monitoring by Doug Erkkila of Splunk

2:00pm - 2:10pm
Break/Move to Forums

2:10pm - 2:40pm
Forum Breakouts

2:40pm - 3:20pm
Operating Micro-services by Michael Winslow - Director of Development and Engineering
Comcast & Catherine Rodriguez - Sr DevOps Engineer, Comcast

Listen closely. Close your eyes. I know you hear it coming. It's the microservices buzz. Well, by now it is more of a quake. Catherine Rodriguez and Michael Winslow have been involved with 2 enterprise level microservices implementations. One was greenfield and the other was a migration from a FAT service. It turns out that the 2 easiest things to do when moving to microservices are to DECIDE to do it and to WRITE THE CODE. If you stick around after that, you better be ready for a ride!

Michael will address considerations like scaling, testing and releasing your microservices.
Catherine will cover logging and traceability.
We look forward to sharing our experiences with you.

3:20pm - 3:40pm
Recap Forum Breakouts

3:40pm - 4:00pm
Closing Remarks and Giveaway

NewOps Days - Boston
Tuesday, June 04, 2019
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