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NewOps Days is a community-based event series organized and produced by Splunk, with the help of IT Operations community members, Rundeck and the DevOps Institute. Our goal is to enable you to advance your individual skills and career by engaging directly with local experts and practitioners in your community. Whether an IT Operations professional, DevOps professional, or both — NewOps Days is committed to helping you get more out of your operations organizations.

NewOps Days is a community event created by Splunk, with the help of IT Operations community members, Rundeck and the DevOps Institute. The founding committee is Andi Mann, Jayne Groll, and Damon Edwards. Support from our underwriters — both logistically and monetarily — allows the organizers to stay focused on the content while making this a free event for the community.

Operations is changing, and it is changing fast. Who does what work? What does the work look like? What are the right tools to use? These are questions we all need to answer — yet the correct answers might be different from company to company. NewOps Days are 1-day community-based events where practitioners can meet to discuss their challenges and share their experiences. 

The role of Operations is expanding and we embrace that. No matter your connection to operations work, your participation is welcome at NewOps Days. We expect individual contributors and managers, Systems Administrators and SREs, even developers who are expanding their roles to take on operational responsibilities.

NewOps Days will consist of a variety of information — from short sessions by technicnical professionals to career advice and collaborative open space discussions. Content will cover trending ITOps topics, best and new practices for highly functioning organizations, IT career management and more!

Lunch, midday snacks, happy hour reception and appetizers, educational material, and LOTS of learning!

Dress code is business casual. Feel free to change into your NewOps Days T-shirt when you arrive!

We started out trying to think of a mascot that represented IT operations, and quickly thought of the elephant. They are both incredibly intelligent and hard-working, despite often enduring thankless jobs; they have powerful long-term memories and pass on critical institutional knowledge; they may seem slow and even clumsy, but can go fast and have incredible agility when they need to; they are highly protective, always looking out for what’s best for their group, but are open to change and revel in new experiences; they endure great stress without complaint, but will fight if they must; they are tightly-connected and sympathetic, both within their own groups and with outsiders; they love to have fun and learn new things their whole lives; and they are critically important to their respective ecosystems, yet still threatened with extinction. From there, we wanted to symbolize the thankless, often impossible role that ITOps is expected to fill, so our mascot is not just doing the unexpected, but the near impossible — standing on one leg, bearing a massive weight on a barely sufficient foundation, while juggling a set of gears. This is just like ITOps, balancing complex workloads with incredible flexibility on a minimum viable platform, while juggling so many different tools and processes.

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The DevOps Institute is the continuous learning community around emerging DevOps practices. Working with recognized thought leaders, the DevOps Institute is setting the quality standard for DevOps competency-based education and qualifications. The DevOps Institute’s vision is to facilitate a community where members have access to the most innovative, inspirational and transformational DevOps content, courses and certifications around emerging DevOps practices and principles.

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